In the Artists Realm with Sylvia Stein

Workshop Activate your verbs With Sylvia Stein

Book by Roy Peter Clark : Writing Tools 50 Essential Strategies For Every Writer Tool 3: Activate your verbs: Pages 19-22 


Worshop Questions 1-4.  Review


Using examples from Oxforddictionariesonline


Purdue Owl and Writing Center for UNC Chapel Hill 


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Activate your verbs Tool 3 by Roy Peter Clark’s book : 50 Essential Strategies For Every Writer

In the Artists Realm with Sylvia Stein 


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Show on:  Tool 3 of Roy Peter Clark's Writing Tools book :  Activate your Verbs Review and Workshop questions. 


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One one One With the multi-faceted Adra Robins

Amazing Interview with Adra Robins Young 


Educator, Radio Host,  Author, Food Critic all around multi-faceted.  



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Happy 2017 In the Artists Realm Promo by Indie Author Sylvia Stein

Happy 2017!   Promo for In the Artists realm by Sylvia Stein 


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Interview With Debut Author D.L. Blantz

DL Blantz Author One on One:  Shares her beginning as a Writer.  


Check her out on Facebook, Twitter and Amazon under: The Name D.L. Blantz!  


Anthology is Black Blue and Purple Pain:  A Domestic Violence Awareness:  D.L. Blant'z story is Clara's heart.  


Shout out to Angel L. Woodz, Jackie Sheats and all the authors from the Anthology! 


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Chrissie Parker one and one interview In the Artists realm with Sylvia Stein

Chrissie Parker Interview one on One Get to know more about this amazing and talented author and her books.   This is a one and one you do not want to miss.  

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Promo Announcements for In The Artists Realm

Promo for In The Artists Realm of what is coming up on the show.  I hope you will join us! 


Sylvia Stein 


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In the Artists Realm with Sylvia Stein National Novel month Tips

Tips on National Novel Month by Sylvia Stein ( Indie Author) 

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In the Artists Realm With Sylvia Stein Order Word for Emphasis Workshop

Order Word For Emphasis Workshop:  Using the book by Roy Peter Clark: Writing tools:  50 Essential Strategies for every Writer.   Tool 2 Order Word for Emphasis. 

Samples excerpts of Speeches by  Dr. and Rev.  Dr. Martin Luther King,  " I have a Dream." 

President Abraham Lincoln," The Gettysburg Address." 

Author Edgar Allan Poe, " The Poetic Principle." 

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Workshop on Tool 1 of Author Roy Peter Clark’s book.

Workshop Page 14  on Tool 1 pages 11-14 of Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark, 

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