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Available October 1, 2016 

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Tools 5 and 6 using the book by Roy Peter Clark

Tools 5 and 6 

50 Essentials Tools 

Use of Adverbs and ing's 

Using the book by Author Roy Peter Clark 

Jingles and music by Garage Band.  

Indie Author Sylvia Stein 

Writing tips by Roy Peter Clark Tools 3 and 4

Writing tips:  Writing Tools:  50 Essential Strategies For Every Writer By Author Roy Peter Clark 

Tool 3 Activate your Verb 
Tool 4  Watch those adverbs  

pages 19-26 paperback
Garage band  jingles and sounds.  
Indie Author Sylvia Stein

Sample excerpts taken from the book by Roy Peter Clark.  

A few audio issues. 

Writing tools by Roy Peter Clark

Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark Promo

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Writing tips:  We will use the book by   Writing tools by Author Roy Peter Clark. 

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One on one with SSP Author Lori Fontanez

Interview with Author Lori Fontanez 

One on One 

Getting to know Lori

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Music and Writing part 2

Music and Writing

Musical scores City of Angels soundtrack songs by composer Gabriel Yared.  
Chasing Clarity by Sylvia Stein excerpt Prologue 
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Musical song:  Orchestral Strings using Garage Band 

Music when Writing

Using Musical Scores when writing scenes to your Manuscript. 

Excerpt from Closure Novella Chapter 2 by Sylvia Stein 

Ennio Morricone   #Inglorious Bastards Soundtrack   Rabbia & Tantella  The Surrender La Reza 

Craig Armstrong   # Glasgow's  Love theme    from Love Actually soundtrack with the Royal Harmonic
Gabriel Yared An Angel Falls  City of Angels
Hans Zimmer  Iris & Jasper Lorne Balfe

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