In the Artists Realm with Sylvia Stein

One on one with the charming Debut Author Carissa Laryea ( In the artists realm with Sylvia Stein)

One on one with Debut Author Carissa Laryea she shares her writing experiences Goals as an author, Editor. 


Her beginnings,  Her work with the Coffeehouse Writers and why you should not ever be afraid to follow your dreams.   


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You can follow her on her author page: 


Author Carissa Laryea

Carissa Laryea 


One on One with Debut Author of the novel Rapier Richard Correa

We chat with former Military and Medic Richard ( Rick) Correa

He shares all about his career in the Military, his life, his novel Rapier and his new novel Razor. 


Tune in to listen to Richard Correa.  


you can find him on facebook at : Richard Correa


@RADocCorrea  twitter.  


Looks for his novel Rapier on Amazon, Barnes and noble nook press, Kobo, Google play and itunes. 





One on one with Author AJ Brown

One on one with Stitched Smile Publications Author  AJ Brown.  


He shares his insight on writing, storytelling and also shares an opening excerpt of Dredging up Memories. 



Dredging up Memories ( Opening) 



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One on One With Author Lori Fontanez

One on One With  Indie Author Lori Fontanez discusses her New Collection of Stories.   

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Promo Announcements for In The Artists Realm For May 2017

Promo for In The Artists Realm  


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One on One with the very candid Rebekah Varin ( Editor in Chief and Debut Author

My One on One with my Former Editor in Chief Rebekah Varin and soon to be Debut Author.  


Here her very heartfelt interview. 


Mention of SNHU Odyssey online   Southern New Hampshire 




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In the Artists Realm Promo with Sylvia Stein

In the artists Realm promo with Sylvia Stein 


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One on one Interview with Stitched Smile Publications Author, Ceo,and Cover designer Lisa Vasquez

One on One with Lisa Vasquez  ( Ceo of Stitched Smile Publications  Author

Publisher Liason of Horror Writer's Association 

Cover Designer 




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One on One with Author James Matthew Byers from Stitched Smile Publications

One on One Interview with James Mathew Byers from Stitched Smile Publications.  


James talks about  how he got Started and his books.   


Beowulf The Midgard Epic.  


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Promo Announcements for In The Artists Realm coming up

Happy Wednesday:  Promo for In The Artists Realm with Sylvia Stein Promo: Announcement. 


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